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DMoose Workout Mask 3.0, Exercise Mask for Men Women with 16 Adjustable Breathing Levels, Training in High Altitude Elevation Simulation, Increase Cardio Endurance, for Boxing Running HIIT Gym Fitness

  • 3-IN-1 MASKS FOR MEN - Our running breathing mask works by creating pulmonary resistance that allows your lungs to increase inhaling capacity during an intense workout. It has a carbon-activated filtration to purify the air you breathe in case of unsafe conditions. It helps prevent dust with the help of extra dust filters which helps you to get clean air.

  • 16 ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE LEVELS - The 16 resistance levels of the fitness mask will allow you to train your lungs, optimize breathing patterns and aerobic capacity. You can constantly train and adjust your resistance levels according to your exercise units and do not need to remove or hold the mask.

  • BOOST ENDURANCE FOR HIGH-INTENSITY EXERCISES - The mask is ideal for cardio, running, cycling, football, jogging, training, fitness or aerobic exercises. Allow yourself to train much better and increase your endurance levels to the maximum. This makes it easy for you to perform high-intensity workouts since your lungs get used to a shortage of oxygen.

  • FASTER WEIGHT LOSS AND BETTER WORKOUTS - The DMoose cardio mask can help you lose weight. Using a gym face mask can accelerate the process of burning fat. Elevates your fitness, stamina, and endurance by increasing your high-intensity exercise capacity and helping you build strong muscles and burn more fat.

  • PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BUYING - This mask is designed to restrict the airflow. If you want more air set the resistance level to the lowest. You buy this mask to train your breathing muscle to increase stamina in harsh conditions. This will make it harder for you to breathe. This is the purpose of the mask and you should be aware of that before buying.

Build high endurance to enjoy workouts more frequently!

Allow your body to adapt to harsher oxygen levels so you can perfectly train for much better endurance and lung function. You can maximize your lung capacity and take your workouts to the next level. It's about time you trained your body to make sure it performs much better under pressure.


  • Breathable moisture-wicking fabric
  • Builds mental focus
  • High-quality Nylon
  • Extra durable
  • Comfortable material
  • Medical silicone


To restrict breathing in: Place the silicon valve flat side up into the Flux Valve system.

To restrict breathing out: Place the silicon valve flat side down into the Flux Valve System.

To make breathing easier: Remove any silicon valves from both Flux Valve Systems.

  • BEGINNER = Remove all-silicon valves and filters from the Flux Valve System.

  • INTERMEDIATE = Remove all filters. Only one valve flat side up in the Flux Valve System.

  • ADVANCED = Remove all filters, just install two valves. One valve flat side down and the other flat side up.

  • EXPERT = Two valves + two filters. One valve flat side down and the other flat side up, meanwhile install one filter on the top of each tube.

Easy-to-use and perfect for wearing anytime, anywhere!

DMoose mask for running is extremely easy to wear, and it also comfortably sits on your face during workouts, so you don't worry about it slipping off. You can also perform multiple activities with it and wear it to your gym in order to your workouts.

The extra stress that your lungs bear while using the masks makes them efficient and improves their function. So amp up your workouts quickly with the DMoose mask.

Work harder and train your lungs for better workout performance!

If you want to increase your strength and endurance runners mask is a perfect solution to all your problems. These masks strengthen your respiratory system and create levels of oxygen. It also increases your lung capacity, builds mental focus, and boosts performance.

This product is an ideal choice for athletes, runners, cyclists, and gym enthusiasts. Our breathing mask for working out helps you achieve incredible results in no time.

  • The pure carbon-activated filtration system of the mask allows you to breathe much better and cleaner air.
  • Features 16+ adjustable levels for increased versatility and efficiency.
  • High-quality ultra-durable construction so that your mask stays in perfect condition even after long sweaty hours of workout.
  • Sturdy elastic straps allow the mask to be fitted snugly onto your face and not slip off during intense exercise.
  • Extra dust filters included in the mask protect you from harmful breathing conditions by filtering the air, allowing fresh and clean air to enter only.


The performance mask allows you to work out much better and easily lift weights by increasing your high-intensity exercise capacity. You can strengthen your whole body by just running or jogging with the workout mask to enhance workout performance. So what are you waiting for? Take your mask to the gym and build better workout capacity.

  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.94 x 8.43 x 3.43 inches; 7.05 Ounces
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ DMoose
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08SWGT2XQ

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