Urbanred the Office Birthday Decorations Kit Silver

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  • FACT. RECREATE THE ICONIC THE OFFICE BIRTHDAY THEMED PARTY: Recreate the iconic The Office birthday party! [JIM]: “It is your birthday. Period. Not even an exclamation point?” [DWIGHT]: “It’s a statement of fact. This is more professional. It’s not like she discovered a cure for cancer.”
  • FACT. DWIGHT APPROVED THIS OFFICE BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS KIT: Perhaps Dwight and Jim should not have spearheaded the party planning committee, but that does not mean Dwight’s “It Is Your Birthday” banner and party decorations would not be great for your next birthday party! FACT: This banner will set the mood for jokes, pranks, and plenty of laughs, just like every episode of The Office. We promise, your party will be fun, even if it’s at the office. Period.
  • FACT. EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The Office party decorations include 1x "It Is Your Birthday." banner (12" x 70"), 36x balloons (12" brown, silver, black), and 2x white streamers.
  • FACT. THE OFFICE DECORATIONS IS AS AUTHENTIC AS IT GETS! As seen on The Office and designed by Dwight Schrute.
  • FACT. Michael Scott, Dwight Shrute and Jim Halpert would 100% buy this set! So why wait?

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