Resistance Bands for Upper & Lower Body, 3 Resistance Levels, Multicolor (3 Pack)

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DMoose Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands for Upper & Lower Body, Natural Latex 6.5 Foot Workout Bands for Stretching, Glutes, Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Losing Weight, Pilates Yoga Bands

3 Resistance Bands 

  • Creates the Perfect Well-Toned Body Muscles - Achieving perfectly toned body muscles can be one of the most challenging workout goals. Since your muscles are always under tension, with the elastic bands for exercise, you can tone up all major muscle groups includes strengthen your arms, legs, butt, abs, chest, back and glutes far more quickly! Never let your workout go in vain.

  • Build Biceps and triceps - With these long resistance band perform other exercises that allow you to create much better biceps triceps. You can fold them for more tension, tie a knot for a loop band or take a couple wraps around your hands for a secure grip. With the versatility of DMoose resistant bands for exercise, you can get as much benefit in fitness health and strength gains as weights training equipment.

  • Provides Muscle Therapy and Rehabilitation - Look no further than the physical therapy bands if you want to get back to exercising after surgery. Bands help rehabilitate injuries, improve functional movements of older adults, improve athletic performance, and aid in treating many chronic diseases.

  • Extremely Lightweight and Portable - Whether you are a gym enthusiast who likes to carry equipment everywhere around the globe or just a busy person who has no time to visit the gym, these exercise resistance bands are going to be your favorite. Being extremely lightweight, you can fit and carry them anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a mom, a dad or a grandma, these fitness bands are right for you.

  • Multiple Resistance Levels - 78 Inches Long, 6 Inches Wide. These workout resistance bands come in a set of five with 5 levels of resistance: Red – 4.5 lbs, Yellow – 8.8 lbs, Blue -13.5 lbs, Green -17.6 lbs, Grey – 22 lbs. No matter you are a beginner or experienced, now it's up to you to select which resistance level you want to begin with. Diversify your workouts and challenge yourself to perform your best with each resistance level.

Toning and shaping your body has become much easier with the arm bands for workouts that allow multiple body area training. You can target your gluts, legs, and hips to achieve a more toned body and stay in shape. It's time you switched your workout ways and included resistance bands for versatile training!

Product details:

  • Simple & Easy to Use
  • Color-Coded
  • Rubber Material
  • 100 % Natural Latex
  • For all age of people

These yoga bands are extremely portable, and you can take them anywhere. They are lightweight and can be easily stored in your backpack, purse, or suitcase. Take your resistance band to business trips, holidays, or even to work. No matter where you are going, you will have a portable gym in your pocket.

You can perform side-lying hip abduction, glute bridge, lateral walk, and over 50 other exercises with a stretch band to train almost any muscle in your body. The bands create countless possibilities to train your body and adjust your workout level according to the progress of your training! So start now.

Say no to future injuries and use the DMoose resistance bands for joint-friendly workouts!

You can also use resistance bands for exercises like Bodybuilding, wrestling which usually put a ton of pressure on your joints, resulting in career-ending and life-changing injuries. Get the same muscle activity you would get with weight lifting, but without any fear of ending up out of the gym forever!

  • Made from Odorless Rubber material that is 100% natural latex to suit all your workouts, not causing any interruptions whatsoever.
  • The Comfort Fitof DMoose stretching bands allows you to exercise easily without any worries of risking injuries!
  • The Rip-Resistant material of the bands keeps them durable for longer and more effective use.
  • Quality Attractive Design and the exercise stretch bands progressive resistance levels give you exciting and much more challenging workouts!

Elevate your body strength with this handy gym equipment- perfect for all fitness freaks!

No matter if you are playing soccer, volleyball, badminton, or football, you can adjust your resistance loop band exercises to your needs within your targeted areas. Due to the workouts' versatility, you can train all your fitness aspects, including speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and much more!

You can also amp up your body strength with the DMoose Pilates bands. The bands allow you to effectively build your muscles, be it your legs, arms, glutes, and even your core!

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