Readerest Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses Uv Protection

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Brand: Readerest

Color: Granite


  • Blue Light Blocking - Blue light emitted by tech devices like laptop, TV, and smartphones can cause sore eyes & headaches and may cause fatigue, stress or eye strain. The Readerest eyewear is designed to protect your eyes and enable you to concentrate
  • UV Protection & Anti-Reflective Lens - Overexposure to UV light harms your eyes, so we use Ultra Violet protection in our lenses. The outer part of the lenses is not anti-reflective, so it controls the reflection of rays from the inside
  • Scratch Resistant - Your eyeglasses are always at risk of harmful scratching. Our lenses have a clear, scratch-resistant coating on the front & back, which creates a more professional shield protecting your glasses
  • Spring Hinges & Lightweight - Light frames are comfortable to wear and won't put any pressure on the temples and bridge of your nose, and their spring hinges won't bend over time
  • Stylish - The thin reading glasses look great for women and men and perfectly match any of your outfits

Part Number: FBA-RG-TN-250_BR

Details: Corrective eyeglasses were first invented in Italy in the late 1200s out of necessity to read and copy manuscripts. This initial investment saw a major upgrade in 1730 when the modern glasses were created using temple arms to rest on top of the ears. However, reading glasses have not had much of an upgrade in the following 300 years. Until now that is. Readerest has incorporated science and technology with its latest line of reading glasses with blue light protection. Research has demonstrated that an overabundance of blue light can negatively impact our sleep patterns and overall health and wellbeing. This reality is more relevant than ever with the ubiquity of blue light emitting from television screens, laptop screens, phone screens, tablet screens, and desktop screens. It has become the new normal to accept daily life with an insufficient sleep cycle. These days are over with Readerest blue light blocking reading glasses. Defend your long-term eye and vision health from blue light and UV rays with our protective lenses. But we didn't stop there. We packed all technology possible into these top-quality reading glasses. These additional features include scratch protection and anti-reflection coating on the inside of the lenses to prevent glares from temporarily and suddenly impairing your vision. The frames are designed for durability and comfort with spring-loaded hinges that allow the temple arms to expand past the 90-degree angle. Not only does this make the glasses more comfortable to wear over long periods of time, but it also helps to prevent accidental breaks and snaps. The frames are also lightweight so your face will not grow heavy and weary after wearing these glasses for a full working day. Lastly, but equally important is the look and style of glasses. These frames take a long-established classic look and add an avant-garde twist. Whether you are attending a formal function or kicking back in the living room, this is the style for you.

EAN: 0818833016941

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.9 x 1.4 inches

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