(NEW) - Automatic Dog Cat Pet Water Bowl Fountain with Sensor 50oz

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This Battery Operated Fountain is triple filtered, low power, safe, easy to use and clean.


There’s no need to worry about the constant noise of a pump or the splashing of water, this fountain turns on when your pet walks up and triggers the sensors on one of three sides.
Two modes:
1. Auto mode - detects the pet when it is within 30cm (12 inches) of the device. It turns the water pump on and delivers water. After 4 seconds of no movement, the pump turns off.
*NOTE: infrared sensors operate with a narrow beam, there are sections around the fountain which won't detect a small pet. Don't worry, they don't take long to work it out!
2. Permanently 'on' mode - keeps the pump cycling the water without the use of the infra red detectors.

1. Water filter system including: Mesh, High Density Cotton, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and an Ion Exchange Resin.
2. The submersible pump can be easily cleaned for maximum performance and life span – instructions are included.
3. Auto detect or Constant flow
4. Large 1.5L (50oz) capacity, great for multiple pets or for long periods without refilling.

Product Name: Auto Sensor Pet Water Fountain
Rechargeable: Lithium Ion 18650 batteries
Power Consumption: 2W
Pump: Ultra Low Noise DC Pump
Input: USB cable
Product Dimensions: Circular base 205mm (W) x 183mm (H) 8 in (W) x 7.2 in (H)
Product Weight: 0.9kg (2 lb)
Cord Length:1.5m (1.6 yd)
Material: High Gloss PP Resin
Filtration System: activated carbon filter and ion exchange resin filter
Capacity: 1.5L (50 oz)
Package includes: pet water dispenser x 1

  1. *PLEASE NOTE* THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES SPACE FOR THE 3 SENSORS (front, left and right sides). PLEASE READ THIS LISTING DESCRIPTION AND THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. IF YOU DON'T HAVE AMPLE SPACE, PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. Auto On/Off Drinking Water Fountain: Infrared Sensors on 3 sides detect your pet - the unit turns on and creates splashing water as your pet approaches within 12 inches and remains on, turns off again after not detecting movement. *PLACE ON A WALL BUT NOT IN A CORNER
  2. Rechargeable high capacity battery - USB plug - Portable! Large Capacity - 1.5L / 50oz of water is great for cats and small to medium sized dogs.
  3. BPA Free, made of High Quality PP resin, this automatic water bowl for cats and dogs is durable, easy to operate and clean.
  4. Auto Mode OR Permanently on: **VERY SIMPLE OPERATION - PLEASE WATCH THE 1 MINUTE YOUTUBE VIDEO ON OUR WEBSITE FOR SETUP AND SWAPPING BETWEEN SENSOR AND CONSTANT FLOW: The unit can be set on auto mode or with the click of a button turned on so that the stream of water doesn't stop.
  5. Quadruple Filtration System - The Pet Water Fountain is equipped with replaceable filters, each composed of a cotton layer, activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. Very simple and easy to change.

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