live4art Dimethicone Acrylic Silicone Oil for Pouring, 4 Ounces, 1000cSt, for Artists - Non-Toxic, 100% Pure Liquid Oils to Create Cells in Paintings - Professional Fluid Art Supplies

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  • Developed for artists by artists: Create intricate paintings with just a few drops of this premium liquid silicone oil by live4art! Our pouring oil for acrylic painting was researched and tested by fluid artists, and this 1000cSt viscosity oil was chosen to be the most effective at forming and holding cells in fascinating patterns. It is available in 12500cSt to create incredible supersized cells!
  • Never ignore safety: Most cell-forming silicone oil is treadmill oil - but our silicone for acrylic paint pouring is made with Dimethicone, an ingredient commonly found in beauty products and hair oil, so you can be sure that it is safe to use and completely non-toxic. Our acrylic painting supplies are colorless and odorless, so they won’t stain fabric or surfaces and won’t alter paint color.
  • Careful control for beautiful paintings: Acrylic pouring is an amazing artform that needs precise consistency to get just right - which is why our large bottle of pouring silicone includes a precision tip applicator that can dispense just one drop at a time. Never worry about using too much as you develop gorgeous gradients, mesmerizing cell patterns, and intense effects.
  • Start a unique journey: Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or seasoned pro, everyone can learn something new about fluid art - which is why we’ve included access to a FREE E-BOOK with tons of tips and tricks! You’ll learn about timing and the amount of oil to add, and there is a bonus video about paint consistency to help you create stunning cells and support your pouring art journey. This is a great addition to your acrylic pouring art supplies.
  • live4art: For us, creating art for life isn’t just a slogan - we believe that art can enrich and transform our lives! Expressing our creativity can bring pleasure, fulfillment, build self-esteem, and literally color our day. We source and design high-quality products and tools, and provide education and information to help anyone create beautiful art that brings joy and happiness.

model number: Dimethicone 1000cSt

Part Number: Dimethicone 1000cSt

Details: INCREDIBLE ART, JUST A FEW DROPS AWAY: You’ve seen cell acrylic painting before - astonishing, complex designs of swirling gradients and dozens of tiny and huge cells alike, and you would love to be able to do it yourself. Now, revel in creating your own spectacular cells with easy to use liquid silicone drops for acrylic painting by live4art, expanding your flow painting and acrylic pouring art supplies with unbeatable, instant effects. Made with pure Dimethicone and featuring a precise tip, our silicone oil for acrylic painting will leave your creations vibrant and dynamic, without any harsh chemical scents. Let your imagination soar and create the most vivid pieces of artwork you can with just a few drops, for something new, original and magical that will inspire you and everyone around you! WHAT’S INCLUDED: (1) Bottle of Dimethicone Pouring Oil PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Materials: 100% Silicone Oil Volume: 4 fluid ounces Viscosity: 1000cSt Color: Clear Also Available in 12500cSt THE BEST SILICONE FOR YOUR ACRYLICS: Our silicone oil for acrylic paint pouring has a 1000cSt viscosity, and has been tested by fluid artists to ensure it can provide intricate, amazing cell formations every time you add a drop. It is completely non-toxic, and has a high flash point, so it is safe to use with your torch while providing the ideal consistency for large, abundant cell patterns. It can be used with all brands of acrylic paints and pouring mediums including Liquitex (TM) Pouring Medium, Flood (TM) Floetrol paint additive or conditioner and more. For artists and beginners, we have included access to a free E-Book with lots of tricks and tutorials to get the best acrylic pour paintings you can. At live4art, we believe that art can enhance and change our lives, and want to provide supplies to do just that - if you are not happy with our silicone oil, return it for a refund or replacement.

EAN: 9369998031313

Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 1.8 x 1.6 inches

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