KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting Premium Set - Extra Thick Blocking Boards with Grids, 150 Strong and Rustproof T-Pins in Artisan Tin, Quality Knitting Bag for Needlework or Crochet - Pack of 9

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Brand: KnitIQ


  • ASSEMBLE INTO MANY DIFFERENT SIZES AND SHAPES. Each interlocking foam board is easy to link in every direction like a puzzle mat and stays firmly in place. This allows you to create any layout for your project.
  • GRID LINES FOR PRECISE BLOCKING. Grid mat markings allow you to perfectly link your interlocking foam floor mats and align the sides of your projects along a straight line for an accurate, professional finish.
  • MADE FROM THICK, DENSE FOAM. The durable, light material of KnitIQ's blocking board for knitting is 0.75” thick which means that pins can push deep into the foam while keeping your knitting, crochet, needlepoint or lace work taut. This means your interlocking mats will last you for years to come.
  • COMES WITH ROOMY QUALITY BAG TO STORE YOUR BOARDS OR KNITTING SUPPLIES. This lightweight but hardwearing canvas craft bag with a pocket for T pins is carefully constructed to provide plenty of room to store each knitting- or crochet blocking board and pins, blocking wires or your favourite yarn. Its good quality keeps your knit kits and skeins lastingly protected and stored in one place.
  • INCLUDES 150 RUSTPROOF BLOCKING PINS IN ARTISAN TIN. The storage bag holds an artisan, easy-to open, durable tin of slender but strong stainless-steel T pins. The pins’ sharp points and stainless steel, rustproof construction protect your wet pieces from damage allowing you to steam block your projects to perfection.

model number: KIQ-MTS-9-PRM

Part Number: KIQ-MTS-9-PRM


Product Overview

Designed with knitting experts KnitIQ blocking sets are a best in class solution that helps you deliver professional standard results every time.

6 reasons you’ll LOVE your KnitIQ mats

  1. KnitIQ boards are twice as thick as the leading brand and come with perfectly matching gridlines, which means your project will be held tightly in place and blocked in a straight line for an accurate, professional finish.
  2. Step by step instructions are included in each pack to guide you through the blocking process for expert results.
  3. KnitIQ mats are well made from odour-free, durable and dense foam, which means that your mats will stay firm even when placed up-right against a wall while your project is drying.
  4. 150 strong and rustproof T-pins are included as part of this premium set so you are ready to go right out of the box.
  5. Our quality yarn storage bag offers plenty of space for your skeins of yarn, projects and supplies. Its ergonomic handle allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.
  6. This carefully selected premium set of blocking boards with accessories - quality canvas storage bag and reusable artisan tin with T-pins - makes for a beautiful gift every knitting, crochet, or lace crafting wife, daughter or friend will love.

What you get at a glance

  • 9 extra thick foam block boards.
  • 1" grid markings for accurate results.
  • BONUS: 1 good quality canvas storage bag with easy open zip, ergonomic handle and pocket for pins
  • BONUS: 1 box of 150 slender, but strong rustproof stainless-steel T-pins
  • Step by step instructions for expert finish.

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EAN: 0785339994113

Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 13.3 x 7.7 inches

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