Kadams Bathroom Shower Digital Wall Clock Large LCD Screen - Kitchen Clock - Water Resistant Timer - Seconds Counter - Temperature & Humidity Display - Multiple Mounting Options (Silver)

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Color: Silver


  • Water Resistant Time Management Clock: Kadams digital clock makes simple and recurring activities in life manageable in a smart way. The IP24 rated clock is resistant against water sprays and is ideal to be installed in areas that experience humid and wet conditions like bathroom, vanity mirror, shower glass, kitchen window, laundry, or spa room (avoid steam bath, sauna areas)
  • LCD Timer with Seconds Counter: The clock comes with a large LCD display with wide viewing angles for vision during showers. It’s large and bold typography is also helpful for those with memory loss and poor eyesight. The clock’s time display can be switched between 12/24 hr format and also features a seconds counter
  • Temperature and Humidity Display: Kadams digital clock also functions as a thermometer and hygrometer. Temperate can be switched between C/F and can be monitored in ranges between 0°C to 50°C and 14°F to 122°F. Humidity can be measured between 20% - 99%
  • Durable Clock with Calendar Display: The portable clock comes with a shatterproof display and features a calendar that shows month, date, and day is switchable between mm/dd or dd/mm formats. The days of a week are displayed in 3 characters and 7 languages including English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, and German
  • Low Battery Indicator with Easy Installation Options: This clock comes with a low battery indicator and can be mounted in 4 ways ie. (a) Stand for vanity bench, office desk or table (b) Hole for wall hanging and mounting. (c) Suction cup only for glass windows, granite and stainless steel. (d) And a hanging transparent PVC rope for looping through the hole to hang from a shower head, curtain rod or any fixed structure

model number: K0004STH

Part Number: K0004STH



  • IP24 Protection from Water Spray
  • TIME Display - 12/24Hr Switchable
    • 12 hour AM/PM
    • 24 hour Clock
  • INDOOR TEMPERATURE Display - Thermometer C/F Switchable
    • Celsius range 0°C to 50°C
    • Fahrenheit range 0°F to 122°F

  • DATE, MONTH, DAY, WEEKDAY Display (7 Languages in Weekday Display)
    Includes abbreviations in English, German, Italian, French, Netherland, Spanish and Denmark
    Ideal for Bathroom, Shower, Laundry, Kitchen, Spa or any place inside that experiences high humidity and wet conditions.
    • Stand for Table, Office Desk & Shelf
    • Hole for Wall Hanging
  • WATERPROOF SEAL ensures that the Digital Bathroom Shower Clock NEVER gets fogged up or moisture droplets inside its casing.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN with LARGE DISPLAY - LCD Digital Display Clock
    You can easily read the time when taking a shower or doing your make-up by seeing the big bold numbers of the clock time display.
    NEW Eye-friendly LCD Display Color for better vision and bigger range of angles so you can see the screen clearer.

Item Size: L 168mm * H 168mm * W 62mm
Net Weight: 420g/pc

Single Package Size: L 180mm * H 185mm * W 75mm
Package Weight: 520g/pc

POWERED by 1 x AA (NEW) battery (Battery is NOT included)


1 x K0006ST Bathroom Clock
1 x Instruction Manual

Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 7.6 x 2.8 inches

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