Jayayelle Large Snuffle Mat for Dogs A Natural Foraging 32"x20" Gray

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Jayayelle Luxury Snuffle Mat is perfect for dogs of all sizes. Key features: High-quality cotton/polyester fabric anti-skid, non-slip backing machine wash & line dry Large size 32" x 20" Use as a pet feeding mat, to line pet carriers, for bath time, protecting car seats, as a sleeping mat Highly absorbent: Soaks up water from wet paws and dribble What is a Snuffle Mat? They are a special mat for stimulating your pet’s natural foraging instincts while keeping them entertained You put the food/treats on the mat, and your pooch has to find them Commonly used to encourage slower eating habits to avoid risks of bloating or digestive issues, as well as a great way to keep your pup’s mind engaged & healthy Mentally stimulated pups are less likely to be stressed and anxious These dog activity mats are like puzzles that have treats inside, challenging your dog to find the treat. For your dog, solving a puzzle to get a reward puts them to work and engages their mind Great for exercise Foraging in a snuffle mat will get them exercising while stimulating their brains Great option for dogs with mobility issues to keep them entertained Change the difficulty level by adding more or less food in the mat. The more your dog digs for the treat, the further the food gets pushed into the mat to make it more challenging How to use a Snuffle Mat? The treats are hidden in between the strips Use indoors and outdoors on any dry surface Small, dry treats are best - avoid wet foods. Use a good smelly treat. When not in use Not all dogs are the same. Can you trust your dog not to destroy it? Always supervise your pooch when using the snuffle mat and remove it once your dog is finished. Never leave your dog with the mat unattended. You may be surprised what a wonderful idea they truly are.

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