Herm Sprenger Chrome-Plated Steel Choke Dog Training Collar with Toggle-Closure No-Pull Slip Chain for Small Medium Large Dogs for Easy Control Show Chain Collar Made in Germany

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Color: Chrome plated Rest Proof Steel


  • Size: This dog chain collar fits dogs with the NECK SIZE UP TO 15 inches
  • Herm Sprenger Dog Chain Training Collar: Wire Gauge 2.5mm thick by 18 inches (45cm) overall length, Chrome-Plated Steel
  • New Design: This 2.5mm Herm Sprenger Steel Choke Collar has a toggle instead of a ring, which eliminates the need to pull the collar over the dogs head
  • Caution: It is very dangerous to attach the choke chain in the wrong way. When training on the leg side, train in the correct way under the instructions of the trainer
  • Made In Germany: Metal collars crafted by Herm Sprenger are a symbol of quality, reliability and security, they are ideal for use in various areas of dog training and everyday life

model number: PSI-6437-17

Part Number: PSI-6437-17

Details: HIGH GLOSS OPTICS COMBINED WITH A ROBUST SURFACE High quality dog collars made of chrome-plated steel Chrome-plated collars manufactured by SPRENGER are characterised by their high-gloss surface. The result is achieved by a special surface polish that ensures that the nickel and chrome layers adhere particularly well. The collars receive double and therefore long-term protection against rust. Surface damage caused by external influences can attack the steel core. Therefore, we cannot give any guarantee against corrosion for collars and other articles made of steel. KEY FEATURES Double rust protection by nickel and chrome layer High-gloss surface After cleaning with a mild detergent or rinsing agent, dry carefully Feature: with toggle and ring Chain type: round HOW TO WEAR: 1. While facing each other, put the toggle on the left hand side, hold the ring on the right hand side and wind around the neck. (It is assumed that the dog always walks on the left side of the person.) 2. Once the toggle is completely through the ring, let the toggle hang down to make sure it does not come off the ring. 3. Be sure to attach the chain in the direction of "P" when viewed from the front. Wearing in the reverse direction is very dangerous because the neck is squeezed. 4. It is very dangerous if the choke chain gets caught on something and the neck squeezes. Be sure to use it in a place where the owner's eyes can reach.

EAN: 4022853069498

Package Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.9 x 0.2 inches

Languages: Spanish

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