Garden Cloche Plant Protectors From Animals 12 Inch Cage 20 Inch High Set of 6

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Brand: boldworks

Color: Black


  • DOESN’T RUST. DOESN’T FALL. DOESN’T BREAK - 12 inch diameter x 20 inch height (pack of 6) chicken wire cloche. DOESN’T RUST because of powder coated steel wires. Our cloches have 4 LONG LEGS (4 inches) and DOESN’T FALL even under heavy winds. DOESN’T BREAK or DEFORM because of thicker (1.1 mm) wires. Also, these are TALLER (16 inch high) cloches unlike other cloches that are only 13 inch high.
  • DOESN’T RUST - Our cloches are made of powder coated steel and do not rust unlike some others with painted mesh and easily rust within a few months of outdoor use. This garden cloches for plants is also known as chicken wire plant protector, large garden cloche, plant cages to protect from deer, plant cages to keep rabbits out, wire plant cage to protect plants, plant protectors from rabbits, plant wire cage, chicken wire cloche for plants, cloches for vegetable gardening.
  • DOESN’T FALL EVEN UNDER HEAVY WINDS - Our cloches have 4 LONG LEGS (4 inches) that fix firmly on the ground and doesn’t fall, unlike some others without legs and falls easily.
  • DOESN’T BREAK, DOESN’T DEFORM – The cloche wires are THICKER (1.1 mm). Rodents CAN’T BEND OR BREAK THROUGH it unlike some others (0.8 mm) that are flimsy and broke easily.
  • GROW PEACEFULLY. HARVEST HAPPILY – Perfect for your mulch bed, green garden to grow tomato, strawberries, plants, sapling, potato planting. The cloches have FINER MESH which is too small for squirrel, rabbit, birds, chicken, critters, animal, bunny and rodents to enter, yet large enough to allow sunlight for your growing plant.

model number: ZPINC003

Part Number: ZPINC003

Details: FINER AND THICKER MESH FOR BETTER PROTECTION FROM RODENTS! Our 12 inch x 20 inch (pack of 6) chicken wire cloche comes with a FINER mesh unlike larger mesh of other brands - Too small for birds, chicken, critters, rabbit, squirrel and rodents to enter into your metal plant cover, yet large enough to allow sunlight for your growing plant. THICKER (1.1 mm thick) mesh that DOESN’T DEFORM unlike flimsy (0.8 mm thick) mesh by others. No assembly required!

EAN: 0810117940034

Package Dimensions: 23.5 x 13.0 x 12.5 inches

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