Bulk Instant Slime Powder Mix With Water to Make Slime Bucket Challenges

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Color: Green, Blue, Pink & Yellow


  • ?? INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK. This slime kit contains 4 color powder sachets. Make up to 10 Gallons of each color of slime by mixing the powder with water! Includes GREEN slime, PINK slime, YELLOW slime & BLUE slime! Create HUGE amounts of Slime instantly! Bulk Slime 160 Quart! *Package includes slime powder only. Slime blaster guns sold separately*
  • ?? GREAT FUNDRAISING IDEAS WITH SLIME - Raise money to slime the teacher or slime the principal! Get slimed in slime bucket challenges (like the famous ice bucket challenge but with slime)! SLIME COLOR RUN - Fill large tubs with colorful slime and blast it at the runners as they run by (an awesome alternative to color powder). DUNK TANK ALTERNATIVES using Slime - Hit the target to knock a bucket of slime over someone's head, or pop a balloon full of gunge. Visit Party Goat for more fundraisers.
  • ?? NON-TOXIC, NON-STAINING, SAFE for kids, pets and aquatic life (designed to US toy safety standards), Environmentally friendly, Biodegradable. EASY CLEAN UP. Party GOAT slime is non-sticky. It will easily wash off skin and hair and comes out of clothes in a normal washing cycle. EASY DISPOSAL. Instant Slime is eco-friendly. Simply hose it into the grass or dilute it with extra water and wash it down a drain.
  • ?? USE SLIME FOR - slime blaster & slime gun battles (each team gets their own slime color, instant slime will spray out of most water blasters), slime bomb fights (fill water bombs with slime), fun run with slime, slime wrestling, slime game shows like on Nickelodeon slime TV, race to find the object hidden in the slime, sensory play, active play, science and discovery play. Make 32 x 5 Quart buckets of slime, fill a bath with slime and have a slime bath!
  • ?? CREATE UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES! Kids Love Slime! Great for boys, girls, kids, adults, teenagers, churches, summer camps, spring break, schools, sports clubs, students, parties, birthdays, philanthropy events, colleges, universities, fraternities, sororities! Visit our Slime Guide for more great info and ideas with Slime! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with this slime pack, let us know why for a full refund.

Binding: Toy

Details: Party GOAT Instant Slime allows you to make bulk slime by simply mixing the product with water. The Instant Slime Battle pack contains all 4 colors of slime in the one great package - Green slime, Blue slime, Pink slime & Yellow slime. This allows you to play a range of awesome slime games. The slime battle pack is perfect for epic slime color battles, where each team gets their own color of slime. Use for slime bomb fights (fill water bombs with slime), and slime blasters (slime filled water guns). See which team can land the most slime on their opponents in these hilarious slime fights. Heaps of fun at a slime party. Compete in slime challenges, with the loser of each round getting slimed like on Nickelodeon TV game shows. Slime can be used for fundraising activities such as slime the teacher or slime the principal days. With the highest earner winning the privilege of pouring a bucket of slime on their teacher, principal, dean or bosses head. You can slime the principal in all 4 colors of slime! Add the slime into an inflatable pool or bath for slime wrestling challenges or find the object games, where a small item is buried beneath the slime and contestants race to find it. Have a slime bath. Use Instant Slime for sensory play, active play, science and discovery play. Kids will be amazed as the powder magically transform into thick, sloppy slime. Fill dunk tanks with slime for fundraising events, or pop slime filled balloons over someone's head (view our site for details on how to make these great slime games). Great for pitch burst and big splash games using slime. Make slime obstacles for fun runs and color runs. Colorful snow, jelly or jello slime. There are so many things you can do with slime, bulk supplies! The formula is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-staining, and non-sticky. Slime is great for boys, girls, kids, adults, teenagers, churches, summer camps, spring break, sports clubs, students, parties, birthdays, & philanthropy!

EAN: 0696576805066

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.5 x 4.0 inches

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