Breastmilk Ice Pack Leakproof Ice Packs for Lunch Bags

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  • WHY RUIN A GOOD THING? When it comes to reusable ice packs, breastfeeding moms often get the short end of the deal: bulky hard plastic, leaks, and poor energy transfer leave your breastmilk, and the breastmilk cooler bag, ruined. So instead of selling you a generic freezer pack, we created the thin but mighty ‘Jamie’ – ideal for the Idaho Jones milk cooler bag.
  • KEEPS MILK COLD FOR 24 HOURS! Using a eutectic, semi-solid gel refrigerant - thicker and colder than the blue gel you see in other ice packs - the flat but powerful Jamie ice packs will keep your milk bottle or bag cold all day inside an insulated container. It’s a long lasting technology used in commercial refrigeration, so you can always trust your milk will be fresh.
  • NO MORE LEAKS & MADE IN THE USA: This same semi-solid gel, combined with our reinforced outer-pack material, guarantees that you won’t find blue stains through your cooler bags or lunch boxes at the end of the day. In fact, our breastmilk ice pack technology is designated FDA GRAS and 100% Food Safe. Moms can rest easy that Jamie make the safest kids ice packs for lunch box or ice pack for breastmilk.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & MULTIPURPOSE: Because you’ll be carrying your icepack around, we made the ‘Jamie’ lightweight! She’s only 3.5oz, 5.5 x 4” and a slim 0.75”. She fits perfectly in the pockets on your Idaho Jones Lysia or Roxwell Milk Cooler Bags. Because they are so small, the pair of Jamie cold packs make the ideal lunchbox ice packs for kids or ice packs for breastmilk storage.
  • EMPOWERED PUMPING STARTS HERE: If any manufacturing issues show up in your ice bag within the first 12-Months, we will replace or refund immediately. Because every second counts for an Empowered Pumping Mom! Try the Jamie cold packs for your lunch box, baby bottles or cooler bag for breastmilk storage for the safest and freshest food or breastmilk.

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