Breast Milk Bag, 10 Slogans, 60 units, 8oz capacity

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  • MOTHERS MILK BAGS WITH LIGHT RELIEF: Pumping IS breastfeeding. It is also hard work and definitely a labor of love. So anything that brings a little love and light to the task is a welcome relief. And that’s why we created a set of breast milk bags with fun and empowering slogans and easy to use design – the Idaho Jones milk storage bags.
  • UPDATED EASY-TO-OPEN BOTTOM and easy to use: Just like reusable breast milk storing containers, our baby pouches stand up! With our updated design, the bottoms of the bags are SUPER easy to open. Unlike a breastmilk storage bottle, the Idaho Jones breast milk bag’s wide mouth is easier for pouring milk in - with a funnel or not, or pump directly into the bag. And the double zip lock takes away the hassle of fiddly screwtops.
  • FROM LIQUID GOLD TO MATURE MILK: Whether you’re pumping frequently or every once in a while, you’ll love the versatility of these breastmilk bags. Use as cute breast milk storage bag or even freezer bags breastmilk, at 8 oz, they’re bigger than most. The 1oz measuring grid helps you keep track of how much you pumped. The double zip keeps everything safe and 100% leakproof.
  • ECO CONSCIOUS AND PLASTIC NEUTRAL!: Obviously we want our growing babies to have a bright future, so for every box sold, we recycle 60 bags from the planet! Our PET breastmilk freezer storage bags are also recyclable (#4) unlike most milk storage bags breastmilk on the market. And every breast milk bag is sterile plus BPA, BPS and Lead Free.
  • EMPOWERED PUMPING STARTS HERE: If any manufacturing issues show up in your pump bags or storage milk bags breastfeeding within the first 12-Months we will replace or refund immediately. Because every second counts for an Empowered Pumping Mom! Try Idaho Jones Fun Quotes Milk Bags now and keep doing a flange-tastic job, momma!

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