BELLAFORTE - Shatterproof Tritan Plastic Oceanside Beach Tumblers Blue - 18oz

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Material Tritan plastic
Color Light Blue
Capacity 1.1 Pounds
Theme Outdoor

About this item

  • ? SHATTERPROOF – NO GLASS IN THE GRASS… Garden parties, BBQs, and weddings often have people and children walking around barefoot, Tritan plastic won’t smash if dropped which means that these tough drinking tumblers look classy without the worry
  • ? RECYCLABLE & REUSABLE… being super-strong and long-lasting these Tritan tumblers help to create less waste, they are also chemical-resistant and should last many years
  • ? FREEZER-SAFE & DISHWASHER SAFE… unlike acrylic drinkware you can place these glasses anywhere in the dishwasher, they’re also high temperature resistant which means you can place hot liquids in them without causing clouding or affecting their appearance
  • ? AMERICAN-SOURCED TRITAN PLASTICS… Bellaforte drinkware uses exceptional materials from the USA; lighter than glass but heavier than plastic, and with smooth edges they are easy to hold for children and the elderly
  • ? BPA & EA FREE… and they won’t affect the taste either, they are stackable and strong, and won’t flex in the hand, so they’re great to hold at buffets and BBQs when getting food
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: People who have great taste usually care about beautiful things and the most beautiful is the planet we live on. Bellaforte cares too and is playing its part to reduce waste by producing only eco-friendly drinkware made of Tritan which is reusable and recyclable.
  • EXTRA WOW FOR POOLSIDE PARTIES & WEDDINGS: impress guests at outdoor parties with the Bellaforte ocean side Tritan tumblers, designed to look and feel like real glass tumblers but being shatterproof they're much safer to use

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