All Fur You Infrared Sensor Auto On/Off Automatic Pet Water Fountain 50oz/1.5L

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Brand: All Fur You

Details: ** PLEASE NOTE; THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES ENOUGH SPACE TO OPERATE CORRECTLY, CHECK OUR VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE** ALL FUR YOU's Infrared Sensing Rechargeable Pet Water Fountain This Battery Operated Fountain is triple filtered, low power, safe, easy to use and clean. *OUR PETS LOVE CLEAN FRESH FLOWING WATER* INFRA RED DETECTION ENERGY SAVING AUTO FILTRATION There’s no need to worry about the constant noise of a pump or the splashing of water, this fountain turns on when your pet walks up and triggers the sensors on one of three sides. Two modes: 1. Auto mode - detects the pet when it is within 30cm (12 inches) of the device. It turns the water pump on and delivers water. After 4 seconds of no movement, the pump turns off. *NOTE: infrared sensors operate with a narrow beam, there are sections around the fountain which won't detect a small pet. Don't worry, they don't take long to work it out! 2. Permanently 'on' mode - keeps the pump cycling the water without the use of the infra red detectors. FEATURES: 1. Water filter system including: Mesh, High Density Cotton, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and an Ion Exchange Resin. 2. The submersible pump can be easily cleaned for maximum performance and life span – instructions are included. 3. Auto detect or Constant flow 4. Large 1.5L (50oz) capacity, great for multiple pets or for long periods without refilling. SPECIFICATIONS: Product Name: Auto Sensor Pet Water Fountain Rechargeable: Lithium Ion 18650 batteries Power Consumption: 2W Pump: Ultra Low Noise DC Pump Input: USB cable Product Dimensions: Circular base 205mm (W) x 183mm (H) 8 in (W) x 7.2 in (H) Product Weight: 0.9kg (2 lb) Cord Length:1.5m (1.6 yd) Material: High Gloss PP Resin Filtration System: activated carbon filter and ion exchange resin filter Capacity: 1.5L (50 oz) Package includes: pet water dispenser x 1

EAN: 9356207000017

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.5 x 8.7 inches

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